Mijn afscheid van GB en The Times….

Chat Started: Tuesday, January 28, 2020, 11:22:46 (+0000)

Chat Origin: TNL-SERVICE

Agent Emily K

( 1s ) Emily K: Hello, you’re chatting with The Times Live Chat Team. How can we help?

( 25s ) Mr Rommens: I’d like to cancel my subscription.

( 1m 37s ) Emily K: Good morning Mr Rommens, I am glad that you have brought this to my attention, I would be happy to look into this for you today. I am sorry to hear that you wish to cancel.

( 1m 45s ) Emily K: So I can locate you on our system and for security, may I take the following information:

Full name:

Email address:

( 2m 3s ) Mr Rommens: d…@…e

( 2m 15s ) Mr Rommens: Dirk Rommens

( 2m 37s ) Emily K: Thank you. May I ask why you wish to cancel today?

( 3m 31s ) Mr Rommens: The end of our friendly relation EU-GB. I’m so disappointed!

( 3m 59s ) Emily K: Thank you, I understand. Whilst I am processing the cancellation, can I ask if there was anything you enjoyed about the subscription?

( 4m 53s ) Mr Rommens: I’ll miss the excellent journalism.

( 5m 24s ) Mr Rommens: But I can’t spend any Euro to a country that dislikes us.

( 6m 19s ) Emily K: I can now confirm that your subscription has been cancelled. Your service will remain until 26/02/20. I can confirm there will be no further payments requested. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

( 7m 15s ) Mr Rommens: Please inform your PM about my cancellation.

( 7m 35s ) Emily K: I will be sure to pass your feedback on.

( 8m 49s ) Mr Rommens: Thanks a lot. For understanding our disappointment.

( 9m 1s ) Emily K: I hope you enjoy the rest of your week Mr Rommens. If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us at The Times and The Sunday Times as we will be happy to assist further.

( 9m 49s ) Mr Rommens: Have a nice day and bright future without us…

( 11m 23s ) Mr Rommens: As a retired English teacher this has really hurt my feelings for the love off English…

( 12m 10s ) Mr Rommens: of

( 13m 4s ) Emily K: I understand Mr Rommens, I am sorry that you feel this way.

( 14m 17s ) Mr Rommens: It was nice to be able to tell this to someone in the UK. Thanks for listening! Bye…

( 14m 39s ) Emily K: You are most welcome Mr Rommens, goodbye.

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